Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SCADstyle Color Trends

One of the reasons I chose to do my graduate work at the Savannah College of Art and Design was due to their emphasis on design relevancy and their commitment to continually interface with leading design experts by bringing them to the school to give lectures as well as network with students. One of their best events occurs every April and is called SCAD style. It's happening now, but if you can't make it to Savannah, Atlanta, or Hong Kong, you're in luck because several of their sessions are live-streaming over the next few days (you can see the schedule here), and they have a few permanent videos as well.

I really loved this one done on color trends by Pantone's Vice President, Laurie Pressman. While the graphic quality of the video is, sadly, quite pixellated at full screen (it was recorded from her live presentation), I can't recommend her presentation enough. If you have an hour to spare, you can get quite caught up on all the latest trends in the worlds of fashion, interiors, and color.

Some of the more unexpected trends she mentions are "mantyhose" (about time men have to start suffering as we have for years--although I'm in serious doubt of these catching on) and Vera Wang's current line of black bridal wear (also a bit skeptical of that one...but you never know). Also there's a great back story on this year's hottest hue: Tangerine Tango (which she appropriately sports in a shawl during her presentation).

For some reason, I can't embed the video, but you can find it here. Like I said, it's an hour long, but you'll be one trendy, in-the-know fashionista after taking the time to hear about the latest and greatest from the color expert, herself. There's one awkward part where their big presentation on their theme of "Unity & Co" is completely unreadable. Luckily for you, dear readers, I've found a separate video of it you can actually see here. So my recommendation is to skip section (21:05) of the SCAD video, flip to the previous link, the resume the SCAD video at (26:46) to avoid some frustration.

Of special note to my interior design students, I'm always harping on drawing inspiration from many sources--fashion, products, etc. As you can see, this isn't just my belief but one embraced by the leading global color expert as well. I hope you'll see, from this video, how important it is to keep an open world-view and be aware of trends across all product sectors, not just focusing on interiors. You'll see inspiration that creates new trends truly comes from everything around us!

For those with limited time, here are a few key sections, in case you want to jump around:
- Color Forecast: Unity for S/S 2013 (1:41)
- The Making of Tangerine Tango (42:02)
- Q & A (1:00:00)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nightclub of the Future

My apologies on completely neglecting this blog. My thesis has consumed me these past few months, but the good news is that it's submitted, approved, and done!! And now, with masters degree in hand, I'm back to share more of my favorite design-related things that I come across on the web. And what better way to start than with beer?

Generally speaking, design and beer rarely appear in the same sentence next to each other. And I would know. During grad school, a Swedish think tank tasked me and some fellow grad students with researching beverage trends. Using a new software currently in development, we began using it to track all sorts of Twitter discussions relating to beverages. And never, in all those thousands of posts did design ever come into the mix along with beer. Chicks, being drunk, being hungover, and other such intellectual discussions were much more common.

So I have to hand it to Heineken for being the brand to integrate both together. They have come up with the idea of designing the nightclub of the future. Talk about dream projects! That one would have to be up near the top of my list. They brought together a dream team of interior designers, fashion designers, product designers, and others and sent them all around the world (Tokyo, Brazil, Milan, New York) to examine what makes a great nightclub. (I'm kicking myself that I had my nose in too many thesis-related books and completely missed the audition...sigh.)

Talk about the perfect ethnographic project to see and tour some of the world's hottest clubs and interview a bunch of happy, inebriated people on what makes a good nightclub. There's a great video of their process you should check out here:

The final design is going to be launched in Milan to coincide with Design Week. It sounds like the concept of origami will play a big role in the final outcome. So hurry and buy your tickets and head to Milan for this nightclub launch and all manner of fabulous design being debuted April 17-22.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Farewell to Moss

One of the eye-catching displays at Moss

Well, it truly is the end of an era. The iconic Soho Moss store is closing down due to high overhead costs. That, and the lack of people with $30,000 to drop on a fabulous piece of furniture. Murry Moss curated the incredible selection for 18 years but, according to the New York Times, said his store had turned more into a "free museum." Such a shame. RIP, Moss. For design lovers everywhere, you will be missed!

But Moss is looking forward, not back, to future plans, including a new location for "the Bureau" in the Garmet District. He says from an interview here,

"The world changes. And also things get stale, and the dynamics change, as we know. There can’t be nostalgia."

And Moss has always forged his own path, which it sounds he will continue to do:

"I demand that Moss be what I feel it should be and go where I go. I’m not going to follow it. It’s inside of me."

And somehow I feel confident that the man who convinced the A-list of New Yorkers that tupperware was the hottest thing around will do just that. All the best in your new venture, Mr. Moss!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cool Calendars for 2012

I hope you've all had a fantastic holiday season! If you're like me, I always get a bit sad once the season is over and all the pretty lights and festive decorations have come down. But the new year is an exciting time, and these hip calendars definitely give you something to look forward to, visually speaking, in the new year. Here are my top contenders for 2012, proving that physical calendars are not the stodgy, outdated desk paraphernalia of yore. Granted, all my life is contained on my iPhone, but there just isn't a replacement for a hip desk accessory to help you keep track of the days of your life.

This colorful accordion number is from designer Erin Jang. I love the happy colors and the chic simplicity!

And my absolute favorite is this complex piece, the Verlag Hermann Schmidt Time Cube. Pure genius.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sarcastic Styling

While doing some very legitimate research for my thesis, I came across this interesting article in the New York Times asking whether authenticity is an overdone trend. Very interesting article, which I recommend reading, and the comments were even more insightful. However, as often happens in the nature of very rigorous academic research, I found myself distracted by one of the links mentioned in the article. As in several hours, distracted. Oops. So, naturally I had to share to help distract you and delay whatever it is that you really need to be doing. But as laughter is good for the soul, don't feel too guilty. Check it out and have a good laugh, then get back to work!

So what was this distraction? This incredibly unique and witty blog done by a comedian who finds humor in the styling of various home decor catalogs. Such a brilliant concept, why didn't I think of that? Now, I understand (to some degree) how difficult it is to style glossy photo shoots to sell furniture, but Molly Erdman manages to hit the perfect balance of sarcasm and wit in her blog Catalog Living. She's created a fictitious couple, Gary and Elaine and chronicles the nuances of their relationship through various objects in their home. Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Hope you had a good laugh. And there's much more on her blog...if you need an excuse to procrastinate!

Monday, October 31, 2011

In Knots Over Knits

As I intermittently hop up to hand out candy to cute trick-or-treaters, I decided this cool fall evening was the perfect time to pick out some of my favorite items from the knitted trend I've been observing for awhile. And can I just say my favorite Halloween moment was when this little 18 month old Minnie Mouse came to the door, and her eyes lit up when I put some Skittles into her pumpkin. Her dad goes, "Now what do you say?" She looked momentarily confused and then shouted, "I love you!!" I think he was looking more for "Thank you" but it totally made my night! Cuteness.

Anyways, back to the issue of knits, I'm not a fan of those "knit bombers" who cover random urban paraphernalia (such as street lamps or bus seats) with psychadelic-colored yarn koozies. Neither am I a fan of granny doilies. But I love the craft of knitting, especially as it's applied in a modern way. I think these pieces hit the perfect spot between kitschy and cool.

1) Llot Llov's Matt lamp. 2) Ceramic vases by Annette Bugansky. 3) Knotted Egg Lamp by Sarah Parkes. 4) Knit Stools by Claire-Anne O'Brien. 5) Veil curtain by Woodnotes. 5) Knitted Pouf by CB2.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet Paul's Food for Fall

DIY dog shampoo and puppy bling

Lovely and tasty fall treats

Dark Halloween

I would not categorize myself as a hard-core foodie by any stretch of the imagination for two reasons. First being that I'm super picky. You can't be picky and be a foodie--I mean, you just can't ask a renown chef to leave the mushrooms off his signature recipe, it's just not right. Secondly, if I were to come across an unexpected $200, I would likely find myself at Kade Spade rather than Momofuku. However, I consider myself a pseudo-foodie, so with the recent fall weather went on an exploration of the most exciting fall recipes I could find. If I'm going to go to the trouble to cook something, it has to be worth the effort for my tastebuds.

Thanks to my favorite site, Pinterest, I found lots of delicious autumnal recipe offerings, one of which led me to this site which I am now completely obsessed with. And you know me, I just had to share. Sweet Paul is a gorgeous magazine full of incredibly styled photography. It's like he's the hip Martha Stewart of Oslo (now residing in NYC). He does it all--crafts, food, entertaining. All with a chic sophistication that is sadly lacking in most DIY magazines of today. The good news is that all of his lovely magazines are archived online for your viewing pleasure. And every recipe comes with a beautiful accompanying photo. The current issue has an entire section devoted to pears, avocados (two of my favorite things), beets (meh, not such a fan--see, there's the picky in me), in addition to tons of other categories.

I seriously can't wait for the holiday issue to come out November 15! But in the meantime, there's a great blog, so you can get your daily fix as well.