Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Store that Piques Imagination

I would have loved having a place like this in my neighborhood as a child!  The Ministry of Stories was inspired by a TED talk (by Dave Eggers on the 826 Literacy Project) which led to the creation of a unique writing center (or centre, because this particular one is located in England) that enhances the creativity and skills of children who love writing stories.  Here's the concept: create an imaginative storefront, bring in talented authors and volunteers,  coach children in improving their writing abilities and using their imaginations.

This store has an interesting business model in that they sell imaginative products (very Harry Potter-ish kitsch) along with coaching children in the literary arts.  Imagine if we could bring more spaces like the Ministry of Stories and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies to cities across America to help encourage play, creativity, and learning; all while happening in a beautifully designed, imaginative space!  You can find more photos here.