Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Love Paris in the Springtime . . . (or any other time for that matter!)

I fell in love with this stunning video directed by Gustav Johansson promoting EF International Learning Centers. It took me back to my summer abroad back in college and also to my time backpacking through Europe where every day was a new adventure. I wasn't familiar with EF prior to seeing this ad, but after a little research, I discovered they have opportunities for students and adults alike. Looks like a good option to get out, explore a new culture, and learn a new language. Way more fun than listening to language CD's in the car and trying to learn Spanish like I've been doing (no bueno and still no comprendo).

Whether or not you want to go exploring, just sit back and enjoy this short clip that will make you feel like you took a mini vacay to Paris and back. And yes, because this is a design blog, not a travel blog, the reason I'm posting it is for the beautiful art direction of the ad. And the incredible accompanying typography that carries you throughout the visual journey.

Au revoir and bonsoir!