Friday, March 25, 2011

The Modern Picnic

First off, my apologies for falling off the face the virtual world for the past few weeks. School got crazy with finals week, then there was packing and a big move (ugh, I hate moving). But I'm back and promise more steady posting from here on out.

Here in the south, spring is in full bloom, and I wanted to share a playful product I came across that would be the perfect accessory for a blissful spring afternoon in the park. The Boxsal is "the modern" picnic box that comes in several cool prints. Wouldn't you just love to have your guy show up at your office at lunch and whisk you away for a romantic lunch in the sun? And whether your dream date is the musically-inclined urban hipster, or the professional 9-to-5er, there's a box perfectly suited to his style. Just remember that these come with utensils only, so your foodie should plan accordingly, otherwise it wouldn't be such a lavish lunch.

And of course, it's all eco-friendly and compostable because I just couldn't recommend it if it wasn't. Happy picnic-ing!