Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Perfect Touch of Colored Confectioneries

Here is the most exquisite example of interior branding I've seen to date.  Anagrama took the iconic french Maison du Macaron brand, Theurel & Thomas into San Pedro, Mexico in a memorable way.  They designed a stark white space, with the only pops of color coming from the product.  A true feast for the eyes and mouth!

The all-white trend has been done to death (although I must admit, I still love it), but taking it and using it to enhance the colorful cookie was pure genius.  And I love that the graphics, interiors, and product all seamless integrate together into a beautiful, luxurious experience.  This is just one more indication to justify my prediction that the macaron (not to be confused with the American macaroon) will be the next big out cupcakes!

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