Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tiny Treats


I love this itty bitty project by Marian Amodio located near Vancouver.  TINY is a super small shop (195 square feet to be exact) that features artisan foods for chefs and foodies sourced by local purveyors.  As someone who's always worked on large design projects, I think it would be such a fun challenge to design a cool project in a very small (and narrow space) like this.

Marian's work is in architecture but also art installations.  You can see she strategically incorporated the branding of the carefully curated and crafted foods this store sells and allowed that to influence her design.  The architectural design was composed of readily available materials used in unexpected ways.  For example, the lettering of the shop is created from baker's twine wrapped around strategically positioned nails.  Simple but brilliant!  Also, the cool ceiling is made from deconstructed shipping crates.  On her website, she says:

      "The interior architecture of TINY reflects this local, handmade aesthetic by taking everyday building materials and turning them into functional art.  The ubiquitous wood pallet forms the ceiling and the walls: lovingly hand selected one by one from the pallet farm on Mitchell Island and hung with care on a bright pink wall and lit by handmade Edison bulbs."

Beautiful work.  Definitely a designer whose work I want to follow.