Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conceptual Creations

I came across this top image online and thought it was a must buy, so I started Googling everything to see where I could get it. I discovered lots of interesting new design blogs (who are as much in love with it as I am), but sadly no Babees Honey actually exists. Such a disappointment. But my search led me to the designer of this beautiful product, Ah&Oh Studio, and I loved their work so much I decided to go ahead and blog about them. Hey, if I can't get my beautifully packaged honey, at least I can do my part to help promote some incredibly talented freelance designers. Who knows, maybe someone will see their genius and actually bring this product to market.

The site says the designers created this concept of Babees Honey to encourage kids to reach for the natural stuff rather than refined sugar.  It's been awhile since I was a kid, but I don't really remember sticking my hand into the sugar canister as much as the cookie jar. But either way, it's a noble goal.

I thought I'd also post their Scent Stories fragrance concept (sorry, unfortunately this product isn't real either).  I love that their inspiration came from dark, moody classical literature characters and that the bottle represents the iconic shape of the inkwell.

Wish more real world packaging looked like the work by Ah&Oh.  Refreshing and versatile. Initially, I'd never guess the same designers did innocent and sweet honey along with dark and stormy scents.  Any manufacturers out there listening? The design blogging world has spoken.  We love their style, so give them some work!

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