Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interactive Invite


Invitations to fun events are always a great treat to receive in the mail. Beautifully designed ones are even better. And this imaginative wedding invite could be the coolest one yet. These two lovebirds are also music lovers (she's a DJ at night, and he's a Grammy-nominated sound engineer), so they incorporated this into their unique interactive packaging design (calling this merely an invite seems a bit of an insult). With a bit of folding and spinning by the user, the entire invite transforms into a paper record player and emits a song produced by the couple. Adorable!

I have no idea how this works. Apparently it involves a flexidisk record and a sewing needle. Who knew?!  Not only is the sound component great, the graphics are superb. Definitely check out the video to understand how the whole thing works (and to hear their song). Best wishes for a long and creative life to this couple! (more photos and info can be found on Kelli Anderson's (the designer) blog.