Monday, June 27, 2011


Undecorate: The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design

In my constant quest to find great design books for my library, I came across this one by Christiane Lemieux, of the beautiful modern textile and home decor brand, Dwell Studio. I had the incredible opportunity to hear a speech by Christiane at SCAD Style in Savannah last year. She was such an inspirational speaker and so willing to share her success story and encouraged each of us art school students to pursue our own dreams. As a thank you for that inspirational lecture, I wanted to share her new book with all of my readers. It's called, Undecorate.

I'm copying a portion of this interview done by the Bloesem blog in regards to her inspiration for the book (and you can read the entire interview here):

What do you mean by Undecorate...and what do you like about it?
Undecorate is how I describe what I see happening in interior design right now. I think this movement is multi-factoral in its genesis. First, there is the advent of the design blog. Interior design, design media and publishing is all of the sudden in the hands of everyone.  People who are not professionals in the strict sense - are writing, designing and sharing ideas.  The result is amazing, innovative, organic and personal. Hence Undecorate. Secondly, People are also thinking of their spaces less at something to start and finish. Homeowners are constantly tweaking and refining their homes. Your home, your personal space is a path not a place -ie: your child's room is constantly changing as their lives change.  The family spaces evolve too. Like your life- things are constantly transitioning and peoples homes reflect that. They also share those changes and stages on line. To decorate has a start and a finish.  It's static. Undecorating is constant and fluid. Lastly,  I think the advent of social media - discussing and sharing design ideas has changed the way we think about our spaces.  You can now create a mood-board, send it to your friends and have them comment.  Design has become something collaborative. Its an amazing change from decorator driven content.
As a professional interior designer, hearing that design and decorating is shifting from being controlled by trained professionals to homeowners makes me nervous. But she's right. And honestly, I think there's room for both professionals and enthusiasts in this field. After all, both groups can inspire each other and work to create new trends and ideas.
Photos provided by Amazon and Irene, of Bloesem.

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