Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet Paul's Food for Fall

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Lovely and tasty fall treats

Dark Halloween

I would not categorize myself as a hard-core foodie by any stretch of the imagination for two reasons. First being that I'm super picky. You can't be picky and be a foodie--I mean, you just can't ask a renown chef to leave the mushrooms off his signature recipe, it's just not right. Secondly, if I were to come across an unexpected $200, I would likely find myself at Kade Spade rather than Momofuku. However, I consider myself a pseudo-foodie, so with the recent fall weather went on an exploration of the most exciting fall recipes I could find. If I'm going to go to the trouble to cook something, it has to be worth the effort for my tastebuds.

Thanks to my favorite site, Pinterest, I found lots of delicious autumnal recipe offerings, one of which led me to this site which I am now completely obsessed with. And you know me, I just had to share. Sweet Paul is a gorgeous magazine full of incredibly styled photography. It's like he's the hip Martha Stewart of Oslo (now residing in NYC). He does it all--crafts, food, entertaining. All with a chic sophistication that is sadly lacking in most DIY magazines of today. The good news is that all of his lovely magazines are archived online for your viewing pleasure. And every recipe comes with a beautiful accompanying photo. The current issue has an entire section devoted to pears, avocados (two of my favorite things), beets (meh, not such a fan--see, there's the picky in me), in addition to tons of other categories.

I seriously can't wait for the holiday issue to come out November 15! But in the meantime, there's a great blog, so you can get your daily fix as well.

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