Monday, October 31, 2011

In Knots Over Knits

As I intermittently hop up to hand out candy to cute trick-or-treaters, I decided this cool fall evening was the perfect time to pick out some of my favorite items from the knitted trend I've been observing for awhile. And can I just say my favorite Halloween moment was when this little 18 month old Minnie Mouse came to the door, and her eyes lit up when I put some Skittles into her pumpkin. Her dad goes, "Now what do you say?" She looked momentarily confused and then shouted, "I love you!!" I think he was looking more for "Thank you" but it totally made my night! Cuteness.

Anyways, back to the issue of knits, I'm not a fan of those "knit bombers" who cover random urban paraphernalia (such as street lamps or bus seats) with psychadelic-colored yarn koozies. Neither am I a fan of granny doilies. But I love the craft of knitting, especially as it's applied in a modern way. I think these pieces hit the perfect spot between kitschy and cool.

1) Llot Llov's Matt lamp. 2) Ceramic vases by Annette Bugansky. 3) Knotted Egg Lamp by Sarah Parkes. 4) Knit Stools by Claire-Anne O'Brien. 5) Veil curtain by Woodnotes. 5) Knitted Pouf by CB2.

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