Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sarcastic Styling

While doing some very legitimate research for my thesis, I came across this interesting article in the New York Times asking whether authenticity is an overdone trend. Very interesting article, which I recommend reading, and the comments were even more insightful. However, as often happens in the nature of very rigorous academic research, I found myself distracted by one of the links mentioned in the article. As in several hours, distracted. Oops. So, naturally I had to share to help distract you and delay whatever it is that you really need to be doing. But as laughter is good for the soul, don't feel too guilty. Check it out and have a good laugh, then get back to work!

So what was this distraction? This incredibly unique and witty blog done by a comedian who finds humor in the styling of various home decor catalogs. Such a brilliant concept, why didn't I think of that? Now, I understand (to some degree) how difficult it is to style glossy photo shoots to sell furniture, but Molly Erdman manages to hit the perfect balance of sarcasm and wit in her blog Catalog Living. She's created a fictitious couple, Gary and Elaine and chronicles the nuances of their relationship through various objects in their home. Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Hope you had a good laugh. And there's much more on her blog...if you need an excuse to procrastinate!

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