Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cool Calendars for 2012

I hope you've all had a fantastic holiday season! If you're like me, I always get a bit sad once the season is over and all the pretty lights and festive decorations have come down. But the new year is an exciting time, and these hip calendars definitely give you something to look forward to, visually speaking, in the new year. Here are my top contenders for 2012, proving that physical calendars are not the stodgy, outdated desk paraphernalia of yore. Granted, all my life is contained on my iPhone, but there just isn't a replacement for a hip desk accessory to help you keep track of the days of your life.

This colorful accordion number is from designer Erin Jang. I love the happy colors and the chic simplicity!

And my absolute favorite is this complex piece, the Verlag Hermann Schmidt Time Cube. Pure genius.

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