Monday, January 30, 2012

Farewell to Moss

One of the eye-catching displays at Moss

Well, it truly is the end of an era. The iconic Soho Moss store is closing down due to high overhead costs. That, and the lack of people with $30,000 to drop on a fabulous piece of furniture. Murry Moss curated the incredible selection for 18 years but, according to the New York Times, said his store had turned more into a "free museum." Such a shame. RIP, Moss. For design lovers everywhere, you will be missed!

But Moss is looking forward, not back, to future plans, including a new location for "the Bureau" in the Garmet District. He says from an interview here,

"The world changes. And also things get stale, and the dynamics change, as we know. There can’t be nostalgia."

And Moss has always forged his own path, which it sounds he will continue to do:

"I demand that Moss be what I feel it should be and go where I go. I’m not going to follow it. It’s inside of me."

And somehow I feel confident that the man who convinced the A-list of New Yorkers that tupperware was the hottest thing around will do just that. All the best in your new venture, Mr. Moss!

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